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Take steps to invest in replacement heifers Get them off to a good start, and you can help ensure that future looks bright.

1. Select the right heifers

- Calves born early in the calving season

- Mature body size that matches the ranch resource availability

- An ability to get bred and pregnant early in the breeding season

2. Establish a modified-live virus vaccine protocol to keep her healthy and ensure longevity

- One dose at about 60 days of age, or around branding/turnout

- A second dose at 150-170 days of age, or preweaning, prior to any expected health challenges

- A dose at 7+ months of age, or weaning

- Two doses after 11 months of age, prior to breeding

3. Ensure proper body condition score (BCS)

- BCS of at least 5 at breeding

- Maintain, or ideally gain, weight post breeding

To implement replacement heifer management strategies, work with your veterinarian to develop a preventive health plan, including vaccine protocols, appropriate for your operation.

Heifers and health challenges

The Express(r) FP line of modified-live virus vaccines gets breeding-age heifers off to a great start, and provides protection against key reproductive diseases that can impact fertility, conception and gestation. An effective immune response is best accomplished with two to three doses.

Replacement heifer health should start early, though, as vaccinations received as a calf help set her up for success down the road. The combination of Pyramid(r) 5 + Presponse&(r) SQ helps protect calves against major viral and bacterial respiratory diseases in a single syringe. Always read and follow product label directions.

Improve your modified-live virus vaccine program with tips on proper mixing, handling and administration.
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